Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Modern, Performance and Premium Series Barrels?

Modern Series Barrels are machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel and feature a QPQ corrosion resistant finish and QPQ coated M4 feed ramp extension.
Performance Series Barrels are machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium and feature a QPQ corrosion resistant finish and a nickel boron coated M4 feed ramp extension.
Premium Series Barrels are machined from 416 Stainless Steel and feature a bead blasted finish and a nickel boron coated m4 feed ramp extension.

Watch a video about our Modern Series AR barrel: Ballistic Advantage Modern Series

Watch a video about our Preformance Series AR barrel: Ballistic Advantage Performance Series.

Watch a video about our Premium Series AR barrel: Ballistic Advantage Premium Series.


What is BA Hanson?

The BA Hanson Series exemplifies the quality and accuracy you have come to expect from Ballistic Advantage. BA Hanson Profile barrels feature a shoulder-less design, symmetrically limiting barrel “whip” and allowing the barrel too quickly return to its home position. This is extremely beneficial for follow up shots at a high rate of fire or full auto fire. Lightweight feel without the lightweight limitations, it is truly ideal for how an AR-15 is designed to perform. Watch a video about our Hanson Series Barrels: Ballistic Advantage Hanson Premium Series

Do you offer any discounts on AR barrels or any other AR replacement parts?

Yes, we have special pricing for active/former Military, Law Enforcement, EMS and Senior Citizens. Please setup an account on the website and then send in a copy of your credentials (government issued ID, a copy of your DD214, badge, or email) along with a request to be setup for our discount to Contact.


How do I participate in the AR rifle giveaway?

It's simple, just follow this link: Rifle Giveaway.


What other AR replacement parts do you manufacture other that AR 15 barrels?

We Manufacture a complete line of:
Bolt Carrier Groups: .308 Nickel Boron, .308 Phosphate, 5.56 Phosphate to name a few.

Bolts: 5.56 Nickel Boron, 5.56 Phosphate, and More.

Front Sight Bases: Front Sight Base.

AR 15 Lower Receivers: AR 15 Lower Receivers.

Visit the main page for all our products.


What materials are your barrels manufactured from?

We offer 4150 Chrome-Moly steel with a QPQ melonite finish or 416R Stainless steel.

What break in procedure should I use for my barrel?

Please see our blog article: Ballistic Advantage Barrel Break in Procedure.

Should I buy a Chrome Moly barrel or a Stainless Steel barrel?

Please see our blog article: What type of barrel should I choose?

Can I shoot a .223 round out of a 5.56 barrel?

Yes, you can with no worries but, you cannot shoot a 5.56 round out of a .223 due to clearances in the round and the bore.

What twist rate is available on your barrels?

We offer 1/7 twist in Chrome-Moly steel and 1/8 twist in Stainless steel.

What is difference in Pistol, Carbine, Mid and Rifle length barrels?

This is a length that refers to the gas system on your AR 15. Starting with Pistol the shortest, it measures 3.75 inches. Next, is Carbine at 6.75 inches, Mid length measuring 8.75 inches and finally Rifle that is either 11.35 inches or 12.15 inches depending on the caliber.


What rail length do I need to comply with your standard length barrels?

This is a twofold answer: Do you have a front sight base? If you do, and you have purchased a M4 carbine then you should have a 7” rail. If you have a Mid length barrel then you should have a 9” rail.

If your barrel does not have a front sight base then it is a personal preference depending on how much barrel you like extending out from your rail. Typically, you subtract a ½” at the front and a ½” at the rear then, subtract how much barrel you want to have protruding past your rail.


Will Ballistic Advantage cut and rethread my barrel to a custom length?

This service is not available but, we do entertain custom barrel orders in lot runs of 100 or more.


What is a free floated barrel?

This is a term used to describe a build where the barrel has no contact to any part other than the upper receiver. This includes the rail and the gas block but the gas tube connection is ignored in this definition.

How tight should I torque my barrel nut?

You should tighten your barrel nut to 35 – 75 ft. lbs.

How do I install my lo-pro gas block?

Please follow this link to our Youtube channel: Low pro gas block installation.

How does the AR 15 gas system work?

Please follow this link to our YouTube channel: AR 15 gas system.

How do I install my new barrel?

Please follow this link top our YouTube channel: AR 15 barrel installation.

Follow up installation guide: AR Barrel installation Part 2.



We are diligently working on shipping all orders as they are processed. Due to the high demand, orders may take up to 5 business days to be processed and shipped. We appreciate your patience in this exciting time.


Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide.


Will my 5.45 bolt work with a BA barrel?

Headspace correct for BA barrel:
- Smith & Wesson
- Spike’s Tactical
- Adam’s Arms

Headspace NOT correct for BA barrel:
- Model 1 Sales
- Red X Arms

Will my BA 5.45 barrel work with my piston kit?

Our barrels have been optimized for direct impingement. A piston will work with BA barrels, but occasionally some customers have found the need to enlarge the gas port. If this is the case, the complete upper with piston can be shipped to us and we can increase the port for proper function for a $50 shop charge (customer to pay for shipping). If you are able to increase the port yourself we recommend the smallest increments possible.

What 5.45 ammo works with your barrel?

The only ammo that we have found to have function problems is Wolf 5.45×39 WPA Polyformance 55 grain HP ammo. The spec of this round will not match the spec of our chamber so we strongly recommend you do not use it.

How do I become a dealer

It's simple, just follow the instructions on this page: Become a Dealer.

Returns and Refund Policy

Returns and Refund Policy.

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