About Ballistic Advantage

Mission Statement: Who We Are and What We do

At Ballistic Advantage we are committed to making the kind of barrels that delight the most demanding users. Men and women who expect—and some whose lives may at times depend on—a barrel that delivers round after round consistently, accurately, and with minimal recoil. True and reliable performance no matter how hot the action or how gritty the conditions.

We live at the corner of old-fashioned craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing; of practical know-how and material science. While our barrels rank among the best money can buy, our prices rank among the best value for money. Thanks to our unique, proprietary processes we own the sweet spot where superior quality meets affordability.

Innovation is in our genes. Our concepts are born in the crucible of real shooters: the hunter, the competitive marksman, the law officer, the warrior. We listen relentlessly to their needs…and their aspirations. Our designers translate their dreams into tangible expressions of elegance in form, fit, and feature. Our skilled operators take it from there, crafting the tools and programs that transform raw metal into instruments of precision.

More About Ballistic Advantage

Founded in 2008 by Adam Wainio and based out of Apopka, Florida, Ballistic Advantage is a manufacturer of high-end rifle barrels and other firearm components. We believe it is our responsibility to honor the blank’s full potential during the entire manufacturing process, thus producing one of the best finished barrels available in the industry. With expertise in AR15 barrels, we provide quality and accuracy through precision engineering that is second to none. Our obligation is to you, the shooter, ensuring that whether you are fighting for our country, defending your family, hunting game, or sharing an afternoon punching holes in paper, you can trust the quality of your barrel and focus on the task at hand.

Ballistic Advantage Partners with Aero Precision

As of December 2014, Ballistic Advantage is operating as a majority owned subsidiary of Aero Precision. Adam Wainio will remain as minority, operating owner and we will continue to operate from our facilities and maintain our brand while expanding alongside our new partner, Aero Precision. This partnership is a key component to our future success and will allow us to continue offering premium products at competitive pricing. Stay tuned – we have big plans for the future!

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