Gun Drill Operator

The gun drilling department consists of Gun Drilling, Reaming and Rifling. You may be titled Gun Drill Operator and be fluent in all or part of these operations. This position requires a close attention to detail and 20/20 vision.


Maintain throughput by consistently meeting daily production quota. Uphold Ballistic Advantage’s strict adherence to quality by physically and visually inspecting firearm components to provided specifications.


  • In depth understanding of gun drilling, reaming and buttoning processes.
  • Basic understanding of blue print reading.
  • Solid grasp of machine shop math.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • In depth knowledge of Ballistic Advantage Quality Business Plan.


  • Knowledge of common inspection and measurement techniques utilizing specifically air gauging.
  • Documentation skills including: paperwork organization and handwriting legibility.
  • Exhibit strong team-oriented characteristics and work ethics.


  • Run assigned machines to their fullest capability.
  • Meet daily production goals.
  • Documenting measured results for responsible machining operations at principle check points.
  • Run multiple machining operations when cycle times permit.
  • Keep work area clean and organized.
  • Adhere to all Ballistic Advantage’s safety policies and guidelines.

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