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11.3" 5.56 BA Hanson Carbine Length AR 15 Barrel w/ Lo Pro, Performance Series (.625" Gas Block Journal)

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This 5.56 chambered 11.3 inch Performance Series Barrel is machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel with a QPQ Corrosion Resistant Finish. Our Performance Series Barrels feature a Nickel Boron Coated Extended M4 Feed Ramp Extension.

Hanson Series Barrels feature our proprietary BA Hanson profile and include a pinned lo-pro gas block. Hanson barrels are not designed to work with aftermarket piston kits.

“The original BA Hanson profile barrels have a .750” diameter at the gas block journal and it is more of a light/medium contour. The BA Hanson .625” barrels are called this due to .625″ diameter at the gas block journal. This profile is a thinner and lighter weight version of the original BA Hanson profile. Each BA Hanson barrel comes with a pinned, lo-pro Gas Block already installed which makes them an excellent value.”

Additional Info

Length 11.3"
Material 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
Profile Hanson
Finish QPQ Corrosion Resistant
Gas System Length Carbine
Gas Block Journal 1.3" Gas Block Seat for .625" Low Profile Gas Blocks Only
Twist Rate 1:7 inches
Muzzle 1/2x28 Threaded
Weight 20oz
Other Info HP and MPI Tested
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Definitely a quality barrelReview by Retired Para
While deciding on the components for my AR pistol build I decided to try a BA barrel based off of some of the reviews I have seen. I went with the 11.3 and am quite happy so far. Just finished installing the barrel to a BCM upper with BCM BCG and function tested it using IMI, American Eagle, and Wolf steel case. 100% function with the brass case ammo with a ejection pattern right at the 3 o'clock pattern. The Russian stuff hiccup'd a couple of times and wouldn't lock the bolt back. This tells me that BA actually spec's their gas port the proper size unlike some who oversize for "reliability reasons". A nice plus was the included low profile pinned gas block. Once the weather warms up I will run this build through its paces and see just how accurate this barrel is with quality ammunition. (Posted on 1/10/2019)
Great BarrelReview by Aaron
Great barrel for my pistol build. I bought this barrel for $147 dollars on sale and it's a great deal. Weight is good, helped to build a well balanced rifle. Gassing is also good, Wolf Gold .223 ejects at the 2 to 3 o'clock position (Wolf Gold is known to be loaded a little hotter than regular .223) and Wolf polyformance ejects at around the 4 o'clock position. This is with a standard carbine buffer and Spikes tactical milspec BCG. Pinned gas block went on easy and there were no machining marks left if I remember correctly. I'm super happy with the barrel for the price that I paid for it and for $210 it's still not a bad price once you factor in the $30 dollars for a gas block and the $40-$50 dollars for a pinning job. Great barrel overall, would buy again. (Posted on 3/12/2018)
Excellent Barrel for a good price !Review by Gunny Roha
I just returned from the range with the AR Pistol I assembled using the 11.3" Hansen profile barrel , most of the other components on the pistol are standard milspec the optic is a low budget red dot . I got on paper at 25 yards using my own , 55gr fmj reloads and groups were one inch and less as I moved the dot . I moved to the 50 yard line and a
sandbag rest , switched to handloaded Sierra 65 gr. Pro Hunter and resighted.
The first two three shot groups were ,821 inch and ,861 inch Mind you this is low budget optic with zero magnification , 59 year old eye's wearing glass's . I continued to fire 10 more 5 shot groups. ALL 5 shot groups averaged 1.20 inches " my vision gets blurry after a couple of shots . I have no doubt that with a 3x9 scope I could punch .75 inch groups at 100 yards all day long, but that is not the mission of the AR pistol. This barrel is equal to the Wilson Combat Stainless pistol barrels I own and much lighter and cheaper. Hat's off to Ballistics Advantage ! (Posted on 1/19/2018)
Promise delivered Review by Dan
When shopping for components to build a pistol upper, I decided to go with BA for the barrel. I was familiar with their reputation as being a darn good manufacturer but then read about their accuracy guarantee. Let me confirm, this is an MOA barrel and I was not using match ammo. I’m thrilled with the product and will be coming back for future projects. (Posted on 12/29/2017)
Excellent BarrelReview by Jim
I bought this barrel over BA's Black Friday sale and couldn't be happier. I combined this barrel with a BA upper receiver and Faile Zero NiB BCG. Everything went together nicely. No head space issues. I only sighted it in at 25 yards, but groups were very tight. Fit and finish is excellent and I like the pinned gas block. Highly recommend this barrel for your next SBR or pistol build. I will definitely be back to BA in the future. (Posted on 12/23/2017)
Performance Series is good to goReview by DN
Purchased the 11.3 over a 10.5 for the extra dwell time in an ar pistol build. Fantastic barrel, especially for the money. Still an amateur shooter, but shot 2" 5-shot groups with a red dot consistently. Barrel feels like it was made with quality, went into my receiver without any issues. The pinned gas block works well, I thought my ar might have been a tiny bit over gassed but honestly it shoots well enough not to warrant an adjustable block. I opted to go with a Spikes ST-T2 and JP tuned spring. The bolt has locked back on all types of ammo shot through it (Tula steel being the cheapest I've shot through it).

BA customer service was very fast and helpful. Thanks again guys. (Posted on 8/23/2017)

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We also stand behind our commitment to performance. All Ballistic Advantage barrels are guaranteed to give sub Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy with match grade ammunition.1

If you are not completely satisfied with the form, finish, and fit of any of our barrels, please visit Contact to discuss your concerns. If you find your BA barrel is not performing at the high standard of sub MOA accuracy, please first consult our Troubleshooting Guide on our website. If you need further assistance please visit Contact. Usually, our armorers are able to resolve any issues over the phone. If the issues are not resolved we will ask that the barrel be sent to us for inspection.2 We will either correct the problem or replace the barrel, or if the customer prefers, we will reimburse the purchase price of the barrel.

1 We define sub MOA as a group size of 1 inch or under at 100 yards with a 3 shot magazine fed group, or 5 shot single loaded group.

2 The customer is responsible for the initial return shipping costs of the barrel. If any defects are found, BA will reimburse the shipping costs and either replace or refund the original purchase price of the barrel.

Hanson Series Barrels

" BA Hanson Series Barrels provide a lightweight feel without lightweight limitations. Every barrel in the BA Hanson Series was designed specifically to its length and caliber to yield the best results with every aspect taken into consideration. It is truly ideal for how the AR was meant to perform. With the BA Hanson Profile, we found a more efficient way to harness a bullet's energy while limiting felt recoil considerably. The balanced feel and overall performance of a Hanson barrel will create a more organic relationship between you and your rifle. It will simply be an extension of you! "

- Clint Hanson

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