The Ultimate Packable Kayak

Pakayak is the ultimate packable hardshell kayak. And, it’ll change the world. Go where you want, store it where you want, carry it on your back, take it in your convertible and paddle it just like a traditional hard-shell kayak.

pakayak pack

At 1/4 the size of a regular kayak, you can carry it in a duffel, in a backpack or wheeled luggage.
Pakayak back packPakayak vacation
Live in an apartment, condo or high rise? Now, you can store your kayak in your coat closet after taking it up the elevator.
Patented clamping system makes it easy to put your kayak together, in just a couple of minutes.
The Pakayak paddles just like a traditional kayak. It’s made out of the same material as the best sellers.
It can be difficult to have a kayak in some of the places that we live. Often getting it to and from the water requires a pickup truck, a roof rack and a buddy. And, for all of you who live in the city, it’s next to impossible. Our hardshell packable kayak solves these issues without sacrificing performance