I’ve heard the AR 15 referred to as a Lego kit and with all the attachments and modifications that is available today the phrase fits perfectly. Remembering my children when they were young; no one but a young child could get so intensely involved in an assembly than one with a new Lego set. This childhood intensity transferred to adulthood finds a perfect replacement for project passion in accessorizing and modifying one’s AR 15.

Just like a new Lego sets’ release after a big film debut, conventions like Shot Show release the additional appendages that resurrect the child in all of us.

Definitely, one of the most alluring aspects of this firearm and a strong contributor to its popularity is the ability to easily change the guns effectiveness between platforms with modularity in design. If you’re a hunter, the type of animal you are pursuing dictates what caliber best fits your needs. By simply changing out your barrel and lower receiver in one unit the AR 15 quickly switches from ground squirrel to more admiral size game. Law enforcement may require easily moving inside close urban quarters. Their AR barrel of choice may be short and light. Accessorizing doesn’t stop with the easily made major changes but continues to interest the masses with a plethora of accessorizing belts and ear rings. Camo paint jobs, rails in an assortment of colors to match and a long list of sights, butt stocks and clips to name small percentage of the available additions.

So, if your into guns and have a case full of rifles and have not tried on the AR for size, it’s time to wake up that child asleep inside and construct an inventive AR build you can call your own.

by: Gregg Fikes