We’ve all heard this saying, does it really apply in real life? The fact remains that the imposition of gun control does not address or effect the issue of gun related crimes. Gun laws are based on the premise that a safer society can be effectively created by limiting civilian access to firearms. How does a new law restrict a person who has no respect for the law or their own life to begin with?

Samuel Adams, not the beer guy, our founding father said, “The constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms”. The two important key phrases in this statement are: never be construed and peaceable citizens. Peaceable, interpreted as law abiding means gun restrictions are not necessary for citizens who have no criminal intent. Gun laws should be a deterrent for the criminally minded and be implemented for this end effect.

A SSPBA (Southern States Police Benevolent Association) poll confirmed three years in a row that 92% of criminals obtain their firearm from illegal sources. How then can any new law imposed upon the American people deter criminals from obtaining a weapon? There are 65-70 million privately owned handguns in the United States and half of these handguns are not registered. At what price, and everybody has a price, does it become appealing for a legitimate handgun owner to sell his unregistered firearm to a criminal? To make this situation seem more genuine, the criminal of course would not pass on his intentions to an unknowing seller. Law abiding citizens are concerned about the price of their weapon and would inevitably shop around but a criminal does not share this concern thus, the black market has its own pricing.

Gun registration and licensing has no effect on crime, as criminals, by definition do not obey laws. In addition, the licensing of all the unregistered guns in America would require new large databases and countless hours of data entry which would drain resources and funds that could be better used to deter criminals and not harass law abiding non-criminally intent citizens and their right to privacy.

Laws that are set forth to deter criminally intent firearm misuse have been effective in deterring crime. After adopting a mandatory penalty for using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime in Virginia the murder rate dropped 23% and robbery dropped 11%. South Carolina, Florida and Montana have similar findings.

The solution to violent crimes lies in the strict, impartial and mandatory prosecution of law breakers and not just a mere threat. Countless polls show the gun laws in place today as criminal deterrents are effective when enforced properly. The punishment must commensurate with the crime and the addition of a gun to a crime should incur stiffer mandatory penalties. Our government must revise criminal rehabilitation and eliminate “revolving door” justice. We must also come to realize that some people cannot be rehabilitated and those individuals should be dealt with individually and accordingly.


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by: Gregg Fikes