Low pro gas blocks manufactured by Ballistic Advantage are simple to install and they come included with the barrel.  When you receive your barrel you will notice the gas block is already in place but only slightly tightened. Grab a 5/64 allen wrench and remove the gas block from the barrel.

gas block loosen

The gas block is machined to a very tight fit and it will be necessary to tap the gas block off of the journal. Use a soft hammer and tap gently until it comes off. When the block releases from the gas port area slide the lo pro over the remainder of the barrel easily until it clears.

Now that the gas block is completely off you can install the barrel using your barrel nut. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for torque and use the correct tool.

gas block barel nut

Now carefully put the lo pro gas block back on your barrel and center it as shown. It is advised to put some oil on the barrel to ease installation. Center the gas block with the upper receiver and slightly tighten back the screws. gas block centering

Get a good view of the alignment and when you are sure it is centered correctly tighten the screws securely.

gas block tightening


Now it is time to install the roll pin through the previously drilled hole in the bottom of the gas block. Hold both the roll pin and your roll pin starter punch, size 4s, in the same hand.

gas block pinnning

Hammer the roll pin until it is even on both side of the gas block.

Now stand back and observe your beautifully crafted barrel supplied by Ballistic Advantage.

gas block finish