It all started with Facebook in January with their decision to suppress posts containing gun sales. Just in the last couple of weeks, Reddit the popular discussion site no longer allows AR 15 related advertisements. Who else will follow suit? Now, there is a war going on around the internet. Anti-gun activist are going around in their spare time reporting gun content containing post to Facebook administrators. There is a Twitter army attacking pro-gun posts on Facebook with the hashtag #reportgate. Reddit users are banning affiliate links from Reddit to try and hurt them at the pocketbook for banning gun advertisements. Where will it end? How do we as gun enthusiast effectively advertise on Social Media?

“Facebook relies on users to report noncompliant content” says, Brittany Beckman at Mashable but it appears there is no shortage of tattle-tales available, Facebook receives hundreds, even thousands of reports per week about non-compliant content. Facebook does frown on users who continually report illegal content but apparently the content slingers have come up with a system to keep from being banned: report five noncompliant posts then wait five minutes and then report five more. Don’t these people have better things to do with their time?

Reddit has jumped on the band wagon and began suppressing gun sales content beginning with an AERO precision post about their popular upper receiver stating, “ We no longer allow AR-15 advertisements due to the sudden influx and sensitive time period”, with no other explanation and a link to their vague posting policy. This sparked a long and negative discussion in the /r/Firearms group with hundreds of comments containing user’s threatening to ban Reddit and opt out of their affiliate linking schemes, hurting Reddit where it hurts the most.

Facebook adversaries have turned to disguising their posts by only posting pictures and no text, assuming their followers know what to do. Others hide their intensions with non-relatable names such as “Pew-Pew” short for pew-pew tactical and EDC meaning “every day carry” a known firearm related slogan. How about…”Shoes for sale, buy everything in the picture” and the picture contains a pair of Nike’s and a Glock pistol with ammunition. Have we been reduced to being so sneaky?

So, what do we do? There is just as many supporters as there are not. Unfortunately, some of the larger website conglomerates are not on our side of the fence. By banning these websites will the gun enthusiast hurt them enough that they may change their minds? We just don’t take up enough of their market and they will continue to have their views and impose them upon our content. We have to actively search out other social sites that support our views and create new ones among ourselves. Support each other, no one else will.

Suggestions? Leave them in the comments section but, in the meantime try a new social site that advertises that they do not regulate any content and for you younger surfers who may not have heard of the Usenet, there are millions trafficking the underground web and many gun supporting discussion groups never moderated. Let’s stick together and stand strong.

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by: Gregg Fikes