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Company invents gun that looks like cell phone

A Minnesota company has invented a handgun that folds up to look just like a smartphone. The .380-caliber pistol, called Ideal Conceal, will be available later this year and “will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight,” Ideal Conceal says on its website. In locked position, the two-shot plastic gun with a metal core can be discreetly slipped into pockets, like a real phone. But “with one click of the safety it opens and is ready to fire,” Ideal Conceal claims. The creator, Kirk Kjellberg, told NBC News the idea came to him after he attracted attention...

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Jim Cooley’s open-carry America, even a trip to Walmart can require an AR 15

WINDER, Ga. —All Jim Cooley wants to do is buy some soda. “You want to come to Walmart?” he asks his wife. “No,” Maria says. “Pretty please?” Jim asks. “I’m not going to sit there and have the police called on you. I mean, I don’t want to see that crap,” Maria says, knowing what a trip to Walmart means. She knows her 51-year-old husband has two guns inside the house, and this afternoon it won’t be the 9mm, which he straps on with a round in the chamber when grabbing lunch at his favorite fast-food restaurant or visiting...

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AR Truths and Myths

With all the hype going around in the media these days, how do we know what is a truth and what is a fallacy? You would think we lived in a communist country with government controlled propaganda listening to some of the media driven advertisements against the popular AR 15 rifle. Some statements are true others are false and then there are the ones that are just plain ludicrous. Living in the information age means we have external influences all around us – anywhere and anytime. Don’t believe everything you hear, well then, who or what do we believe?...

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Tour of an AR Toolbox

The tools you will need for an AR build So, you are getting ready for your build. If it is your first one then you are probably wondering what tools I will need for the job. Maybe, it’s not your first but you had a difficult time at certain points and you just didn’t know about a certain tool. This article describes what I consider the minimum necessary for a successful AR 15 build. Some tools are just plain essential and others you might try to get by with a makeshift instrument but when you’re done you just might...

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Laws don’t Apply to Criminals

We’ve all heard this saying, does it really apply in real life? The fact remains that the imposition of gun control does not address or effect the issue of gun related crimes. Gun laws are based on the premise that a safer society can be effectively created by limiting civilian access to firearms. How does a new law restrict a person who has no respect for the law or their own life to begin with? Samuel Adams, not the beer guy, our founding father said, “The constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States...

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