With all the hype going around in the media these days, how do we know what is a truth and what is a fallacy? You would think we lived in a communist country with government controlled propaganda listening to some of the media driven advertisements against the popular AR 15 rifle. Some statements are true others are false and then there are the ones that are just plain ludicrous.

Living in the information age means we have external influences all around us – anywhere and anytime. Don’t believe everything you hear, well then, who or what do we believe? As responsible citizens we must receive a huge amount of information and then developed our opinions based on what seems logical in our minds and then question what does not. Based on experience, if something does not seem right, it usually is not, but the best thing to do with a misconception is search for more information that helps you create a better basis for you to formulate your own opinion.

To follow is a list of truths and myths that have been floating around in the media. I employ you to read, think and decide on your own – does this seem right? Truth or False? Plausible or unlikely?

News reporter gets PTSD after firing an AR 15 

Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily news wrote a column pushing gun control. To aid in the writing of the article he shot an AR 15. Afterwards he replied that it was a “horrifying” experience and it left him with what he thought was a temporary form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Immediately after the articles release social media began blasting Kuntzman with sarcastic remarks and demeaning memes. Shortly after the tirades, Kuntzman updated his original article and apologized for his use of the term PTSD and eaid that it was temporary anxiety.

Thanks to Social Media we don’t have to dig any deeper here or try and sort out any evidence.

AR stands for Assault Rifle

This is the biggest misconception since Copernicus proved the church incorrect, showing the earth is not the center of the Universe. The term AR just falls nicely into “Assault Rifle” and the gun opponents would like for it to stay that way but, the truth of the matter is AR stands for “Armalite Rifle” after the company that began its manufacture in the 1950’s.

“Assault Rifle” is a magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use. Although the AR 15 is magazine fed, it is not automatic. 

Columnist buys AR 15 in just 7 minutes

Unless you’re at 7-11, I don’t think you can buy anything in less than 7 minutes. If you read the article to the end the author states he had to fill out Federal paperwork and subject himself to the background check. Obviously, the minute hand is ticking. In the last paragraph he states that it actually took one hour but, that was due to all the friendly chatting he experienced at Maxon’s gun store.

Afton church auctions AR 15 to raise money for school supplies. 

Although the pastor of the church was upset that posts were being shared about the event on Facebook, the raffle did take place. Pastor Wheeler, wanted to raise as much money as possible for the school children since funding from the county was cut. Previously, car washes and bake offs only brought in marginal funds but the AR raffle raised enough money to double the number of backpacks bought the previous year.

Pastor Wheeler states that the biggest misconception is that by having the raffle that they are supporting mass shootings but, this is the opposite of the truth. Pastor Wheeler states, “mass shootings are the product of an evil person meaning to carry out evil plans”.

The AR 15 is a great hunting rifle.

Countless articles on the internet claim the AR 15 to be a great hunting rifle and if you just read one of them you will just have to agree.

The type of animal you are hunting depends on the time of year or “the season”. The AR 15 is a very versatile weapon and it converts easily between calibers. Now a hunter can own one gun with a few extra parts instead of 5 distinct caliber of guns for use hunting different size animals.

The AR 15: Americas best defense against terrorism and crime.

I think that everyone will agree that a terrorist has an objective, an ending, whether it includes killing himself or not he will plan diligently to obtain his goal. The best way to ensure a successful completion is to avoid targets where law enforcement or better yet, where citizens might be carrying concealed weapons and take him down before he completes his task.

Arming the public is the best way to ensure terrorist have a difficult time plotting their demise. This doesn’t mean everyone has to carry but if 50% of the population does then Marten would not have gotten past shooting the third victim before someone would have realized what was happening and pulled out their gun and shot him dead.

Firing an AR 15 is horrifying, menacing and very, very loud

No one gave this guy ear plugs or ear muffs. I personally, have only shot a few guns in my days, but I have enough common sense to put on the PPE prior to firing.

Prior to shooting any new style weapon you should have an instructor step you through its operation and safe practices. Was he not warned that any rifle larger than a .22 will kick and hurt your shoulder, especially if you are not ready?

AR 15’s flying off the shelf at $500 a pop.

It is true that after the Orlando shooting gun sales skyrocketed. This statement is used to scare the public into thinking that all of their neighbors now have guns or are on their way now to get one but the truth of the matter is that the store referenced in the article was selling 15 guns per hour.

I could go on and on… and on and on but, I think you see that just reading headlines will send you into a paranoid frenzy and that’s just what the media wants you to do. We all have so much going on it is really hard not to just skim headlines and browse articles quickly to get the just of it and then move on to the next news headline.

When specific news articles have so much impact on our lives you just cannot read headlines and get the truth. We need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the complete truth. 


by: Gregg Fikes