AR 15 Magazine Dip stick

AR 15 magazine dip stick  

From user SkilletsUSMC:

I first saw one of these when in the USMC to measure ammo handed out to guard sentries, but it was just colored in to 25 rounds, and didn’t have the actual round count markers. Outside of that, I have never seen anything like it, so I figured I’d share the knowledge.

It’s a pretty simple concept: just zip-ties, a sharpie, a full 30 round mag, and a little time. I usually start with the mag full, mark, pop out a round, mark, repeat. I personally like the the index line to line up with the feed lip on the side where the indicated round is, but you can do it however makes the best sense.

More pictures and comments over on the thread.

Neat idea.  I don’t have a use for it, but I like when people come up with clever/inexpensive DIY solutions to their problems.

Thoughts?  Anyone planning on doing this?

Hat tip: Saul


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