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What’s this blog about?

It’s about anything AR 15’s. More than just quality AR barrels and AR replacement parts. We are blogging about anything AR rifle to the world. Read about and comment on political issues, what’s in the news, upcoming products and the latest technical advancements in the firearms industry.

Just exactly what are we trying to do?

We are already the leader in AR rifle parts and accessories, now we have set our sites on being the industries authority on AR function, AR uses and technical knowledge. Educate yourself,  increase your knowledge and comprehension of your favorite firearm then you will understand why we do what we do and we do best. We have hundreds of years of combined “know how” and an expert technical staff to show us the way. I’ve learned… the more you know… the more you realize you don’t know so, lets learn together and educate the masses.

Our AR’s are not a destructive weapon but the great equalizer to those that bring destruction to our own backyards. Like the minute men of revolutions past, we stand to defend our freedoms and our brothers who stand along side us; America the strong, the sovereignty we protect.

What about you?

We would like to invite you to browse around, read the articles and comment your opinions to the world. The internet has started a blogging revolution and we plan to lead the way with informative stories, up to the minute news and leading topics about AR 15’s.

Who  we are ! 

Here at Ballistic Advantage we manufacture the Best AR barrels in the industry, no brag, just fact.  We love making barrels and AR parts that put a smile on the users face. It’s a tough and competitive crowd, the men and women who expect – and some who’s lives depend on – our products that deliver accuracy and repeatability time after time no matter what the conditions are.

Utilizing old fashioned craftsmanship and the latest in advanced production technology, we have refined our products to a science. We all know we make the best AR barrels money can buy but, did you know about our exceedingly economical value? Thanks to our advanced manufacturing concepts we produce a superior product at an affordable costs.

Through innovation, sound engineering concepts and beautifully contoured profiles our products are leaving the competition behind. We have listened to your needs and responded with elegant creations that fit form and function.

Join us here at our community and be apart of all the hype. Then go and check out our AR replacement parts.

AR 15 replacement barrel