Operating a business today presents many challenges. Everyone knows that a satisfied customer is the most important aspect to a successful business nowadays. All business models and manufacturing methodologies in use today put the customer at the forefront of the strategy. Lean manufacturing continually emphasizes adding value to the customer and anything that does not add value is waste that must be removed.

Customer service is the building block that describes the relationship a company establishes with its marketplace. Strong customer service builds associations by ensuring return customers and effectively motivating customers to spread your brand by word of mouth.

Customer service can operate through several avenues: dedicated personal assistance, self-service, automated service and just recently through social media. We all have been on the phone line annoyed with the elevator music, constant waiting and transferring, not to mention the computerized voice directing us to push more buttons and to wait again. Not a very good experience, especially if your problem is complex and requires human intervention.

At Ballistic Advantage we place the customer first and our dedicated customer service department believes human intervention is the only way to completely satisfy our customers because every issue is different and deserves our undivided attention. To follow is a fragment from a popular internet forum depicting our commitment to customer service.

POSTER 1: Just got off the phone with their customer service rep Kyle who seemed genuinely concerned. He offered to personally inspect the replacement barrels and said we will do whatever is necessary to ensure a happy customer. Combined with an additional discount I agreed to let them try again.


POSTER 2: I have no affiliation with BA, but I do own two of their barrels; one in 300 BLK and one in 308. I have nothing but very positive results to report on my end, but both were purchase as already assembled URG’s. The 300 BLK has quite a few rounds downrange (I don’t have my round count records handy) and I have experience very good accuracy and absolutely zero malfunctions; it is QPQ/melonited and cleans up very easily. The 308 is a matte stainless barrel and has about 200 rounds through it currently, and is capable of MOA results thus far with my BROWE 4X optic atop, using Hornady TAP AMAX ammo; again no malfunctions whatsoever. Their barrels are definitely affordable and I haven’t encountered anything that would make me doubt their quality.


POSTER 1: They didn’t even wait for the “bad” barrel to come back. Just sent me a brand new one, unheard of these days. I’m thoroughly impressed with this company and I intend to order my next 300 BLK barrel from them.


POSTER 3: I love this company and I will tell you why. Their recent partnership with Aero Precision has brought them a much larger market than they are used to and they’ve had to increase their production. They sold A LOT of barrels in the period between Father’s Day and 4th of July. As a result they were behind pretty quick. So Kyle called me, informed me of the issue and sent me the Melonite gas tube from my wish list for free. All because my order was going to be delayed a couple of days. Nice customer service. So I ordered a lower too… Flawless by the way. I was blown away with what I paid for when the barrel arrived. Flawless machining, high quality materials and finish. It looked like a Noveske barrel…that good. They are good people and have earned my business for the future. Kyle is a really nice guy to. Give them a chance, I think you will be glad you did.


At Ballistic Advantage we aim to make sure customers get the most value from our products and remain customers for life. By producing the highest quality products, we are the leader in aftermarket barrel suppliers and our dedicated customer service department allows us to retain happy customers and build a foundation to build our future reputation. Shop now here: Quality AR barrels


by: Gregg Fikes